Monday, May 30, 2011

Upcycled jewelry: PASTA

I recently won a cool book from Bead Unique
  for my submission to their upcycled jewelry contest.
I had a bunch of stuff I'd created for
a previous April Fool's Day Beading Daily post.
  I called it FAUXLYMER jewelry.

Here's a group of pasta noodle beads. I used Sharpie marker to add color and stripes, wooden accents (Also striped with a marker) and annealed steel wire. 
Detail: This bead has a slim ziti inside another ziti. 
Ridges are colored with Sharpie marker, 
and the ends wired with annealed steel.
 My fauxlymer cuff was the piece which won me the book.
More ziti, waxed linen and wooden accent beads.

Thanks Bead Unique!