Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Gift of Peyote Patterns for You!

I hope you enjoy these 8 peyote patterns, designed for Hanukah but with a few that are universal. Each medallion can become a pendant, cuff or brooch, or incorporated into a greeting card, work of fabric art... it's up to you! I made one into a necklace.
Worked in size 11 Delica beads, the actual size is h x w 1 5/8" (42mm) x 1 1/2" (40mm). Note how the side edges have the in-out beads. This enabled more horizontal straight lines in my designs. It also allowed me to use the bead holes along the top edge to attach a rolled peyote tube as a bail through which I strung my beaded cord. These patterns are easy to follow in either peyote or brick stitch.

A bit about Hanukah for those who wonder if Jewish kids really all got gifts for 8 days. I personally did not. With four kids in my family, are you kidding? Do the math! Plus, this isn't a "holy" day. It's much more of an historic celebration. Here's the short version:

Hanukah means "rededication." In 168 BCE when the Syrian king banned Judaism and took over the temple, the Jews took it back led by Judah the "hammer", the Macabee. After the battle the remaining temple oil (for the eternal flame over the Torah ark) seemed too low to last for more than a day, but it lasted 8 days --some say that's the time it took until new oil could be created. The festival is full of games (like playing with the dreidle) and fried food (more oil, that's right!) Traditional yummies include donuts, called "sufganiot," and of course my personal favorite, latkes, or potato pancakes.

No matter how you spell it, Hanukah is a festival of light and celebration for the Jewish history of survival against all odds.
So happy Hanukah, or as we say in my wonderfully multi-cultural house, Hanuchrismakwanzstice!

And more than anything, HAPPY BEADING!

Menorah, with all 8 candles lit,
reflecting the entire Festival of Lights.

Peace Dove. When are you showing up?

Dreidle, the toy top with Hebrew letters
standing for the words
"a great miracle happened there"
referring to the Hanukah story.
"Chai", Hebrew word for Life.
The toast "l'chaiim!"is to drink to life!

Hamsa, or Chamsa
Middle Eastern symbol for the protective
hand of Gd. The Hebrew word for five
(as in fingers) is "chamesh."
The  flag of Israel is designed
to look similar to a tallit,
or prayer shawl.

The Torah contains the 5 books of
the Old Testament. Portions are read
at every Jewish service.
Torahs are hand scribed on scrolls
to this day. No errors are allowed,
so they are written in sections
If a mistake is made, only the
one section needs to be rewritten.
Tree of Life, "Aitz Chaiim"
in Hebrew
shown here with day and night