Friday, July 27, 2012


EVOLUTION for Sleepless Beader! I've been working hard to grow the kit and tutorial sales part of what I do. This gives everyone out there a chance to make my designs and reveals which designs are ready to become workshops and classes with me at the helm, too. I have teamed up for this facet of my beady path with one of my sisters who is a whiz at the biz end of things. Her skills have enabled me to focus on what I do best, design and of course social networking! She's got the tech savvy to take over financials (taxes, tracking and ordering inventory, kitting and shipping, costing) and web based stuff such as our new site, and she even knows how to do some seed beading! With her help, the brand new commerce-enabled site will launch soon!
Along with the shopping cart part we'll have a newsletter sign up, calendar of events, special offers, a gallery, fun and games! Look for Sleepless Beader at the upcoming Bead Fest on August 17-19th at the Oaks Expo Center–Artisan Table 445. Kits and tutorials at the show will include popular favorites and new designs I have finally gotten around to writing and illustrating. Good thing I'm sleepless!