Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with Beadalon

Making new videos for the Beadalon web site brought out
a variety of my facets, er, faces. :-)

Look for the videos now on Beadalon's You Tube page. My latest videos include how-to-do, why-to use, and what-to-use for: loom bead weaving, Elasticity stretchy cord designs, WildFire beading thread, all sorts of beading needles, bead organization and storage, arranging a beading work area, and Hybraid (Is it a wire? A beading thread? It's both!)

Here's one showing some basics for a well equipped beading work area.

Even though I was feeling a bit wired and threadbare myself after a long week just back from doing two back to back Jewelry Television shows, I know the videos now showing on Beadalon's You Tube page will educate and inspire you.

Stick around, because you never know when some of my actual design tutorials will appear, too!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sorry, This Class is Cancelled

Or, why I cant teach one or two students
even if you buy me dinner.

Steampunk Herringbone Cuff by Leslie Rogalski (c) 2011
Only one student signed up. 

Cuff was recently selected to be featured
in the new Lark book Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry
now on advance sale on Amazon.
People grab my arms when I wear pieces such as these and exclaim, ooh, teach this, teach this!

So I write up tutorials, a laborious and lengthy process. I spend days re-making designs I have so far only made intuitively– measuring the number of beads, calculating sizes, counting components, and simplifying technical aspects as I re-create my one of a kind pieces so I can teach them clearly and step by step.

I take photos I hope will entice, fill out forms meant to present the projects as fun and doable, and submit packages to events. I'm ecstatic when I get juried in. I make hotel and flight reservations. And then... I get one, maybe two students (thank you!) who sign up.

I can just feel all you other teachers sighing and nodding. It is never an impulsive decision to cancel a class even if we have but one student, because every single student is important and valued, very valued.

Cubic Right Angle Weave Fiesta Links bracelet
Leslie Rogalski (c)2011
Only two students signed up.

Have been told by those who learned this from me
that it's the best class ever to learn this stitch.
The truth is we cannot afford to travel to shows unless we make a profit. Not just cover travel expenses, not just be compensated for all the time it took to develop the class, write the tutorials, determine the best way to get a technique presented. Make money, as in, to put in the bank and save for the kid in college or get a real haircut not by your neighbor in beauty school.

It's not a profit just to pay your way and break even. That's living hand to mouth. I bet most of you are close to doing that no matter what your jobs are.

Purple Path Tila Herringbone cuff
by Leslie Rogalski (C)2011
Taught it to several "I'll never like seed beading" friends
who now can't stop beading.


Sometimes it's hard not to be mad when a class you signed up for is cancelled. Teachers think you are the BEST PEOPLE EVER for wanting to be our students. We just wish there were more of you signing up. Then we can not only come to the shows and teach the classes, but eat, too.

There are a couple amazing shows with registration open NOW for fabulous classes, with renown, master teachers. They are very varied in time and cost and skill level, so there is bound to be at least one class you'd love. Maybe even one of mine.

Bead & Button is in June in Milwaukee, and Bead Fest Spring is almost here, April 13, 14 and 15th at the Oaks convention center, easy to reach, just a few miles from Valley Forge PA.

Hollywood Filmstrip loom cuff by Leslie Rogalski (c)2012
Sign up for it at
Bead Fest Spring
Kit includes the loom and beads and the cool special bezel cuff!
Treat yourself for your birthday. Or your unbirthday. Celebrate your emancipation from that guy you thought was Brad but was really the pits. Classes are kosher for Passover, and I know the Easter bunny would leave a gift card for a class in your basket if you promise not eat all the jellybeans except the green ones.