Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beading Daily

Are you Beading Daily? I am beading nightly, but it's the same thing. Whatever the time, I am one of you who must bead, need to bead, on a regular basis. Beadingdaily.com is a portal to a fix, a cure, a moment of zen, a treat, an indulgence, a distraction..from the stress and foibles that plague us. It's a cool place to go to be with those of a like mind!

One thing I don't let plague me is the mess on my table. Case in point. Here's what's on my table as of this morning.

The paw has a puss attached. Meet Tai.


  1. I sure hope that paw is attached to a cat! :)

    Your beading area looks about the same as mine--and I have been working on cleaning it up!

  2. Mess? What mess??? If only mine looked as orderly as yours.