Friday, July 17, 2009

Wild Goose Chase

Time to be a stage mother!
 My daughter is Dot, the lead lady goose in this number from the show, "Honk!" a version of the ugly duckling tale. In this number, Greylag and Dot and their goose squadron have taken Ugly under their wings and are offering to help him find his lost Mum.  Danger from a human duck hunt is in the air, however. As they prepare to go off on this "Wild Goose Chase" the Cat sneaks in and tries to trick them into thinking the duck hunt is over. Watch for the spot on heel clicking of the Dot and Greylag, and the final airplane formation in this number--Dot gives a flight attendant speech. Hard to understand their words in this video, but definitely Jenna's years of watching Monty Python have paid off in her character!

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