Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tucson wrap up 2011

Back from the not so warm but still FABULOSO realm of the Tucson shows. I find it hard not to post all my photos and share all my stories. Let's start with my recent acceptance as a CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Elements Ambassador. I have rarely been among such creativity and camaraderie in one group. At the meeting held to introduce new innovations, trends and colors, we got up close and personal with the STYLE BOOK, a binder of mixed media concoctions so dense with fabric, fashion notions, texture, sparkle and color that we salivated ... and it wasn't from the champagne! The trend book plays the role of gathering the latest from Swarovski CREATE YOUR STYLE looks in one place. Yum.

Each ambassador received a "candy box" with samples of some of the new shapes, colors, and materials. Be on the lookout for the BeCharmed Helix Beads, Trapeze Crystal Buttons,  rich and creamy Crystal Vintage Gold pearls and the Organic Cosmic Triangles.

To better see the remarkable faceting in the newest elements, HUGE versions were on display--tons of bling!

Here I am at the party Swarovski threw for staff, ambassadors and guests. On the far left is Kristal Wick, my successor as the editor of Beading, and Tammy Jones is the editor of Jewelry Making
This party was so rocking even the bar staff were dancing along with everyone else!

Teaching for Swarovski was a blast and an honor. I had 7 students learning to make my Comet Anemone Cuff. They were all wonderful and I hope they take more classes with me.

Here's a neat trick: wet your raw stones to see how their natural color will be after the oils from your skin patina their surface. But take note--don't wet them until AFTER they are weighed for price! This is a strand of unpolished turquoise I bought. You can see the richer greens in the center where they're wet.

At the TierraCast showroom they had a new theme of Steampunk Victoriana. If you're into that style (as I am) you'd go bonkers-- every shape of key, wings, all sorts of chain, locks, mechanical-looking ephemera, hearts, and every color metal from brass to black. Truly extraordinaire, mes cheres. To make things even more memorable, a small stage was set up with period props and costumes to pose for photos. With me (I'm in the striped top hat) are Denise Peck, the editor in chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and Karen Keegan, one of the best event managers at Interweave press.

And, though the temps may not have been as high as we all hoped, there was a lot of warmth and sizzling creative energy everywhere.

There's still no place like Tucson during the gem shows!

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