Monday, June 13, 2011

Bead and Button Show 2011

Stuff I Had to Share From 
the Bead & Button Show 2011

Talk about an exciting portal! 
I am there before it opened to the public, 
which is why there's no public there yet.

Doing my demos for John Bead 
on Hat/Tiara/Hair Fascinator Day. 
I showed folks all about Miyuki tila beads.
Everyone is crazy about those 
cool two-holed beads. 
(And thanks for the vintage hat, Mom!)

Ezel Findings had the most fabulous magnetic clasps including this style with Swarovski crystals on gunmetal. YUMMY! 
Sun does exquisite beadwork to show off her findings, don't you agree?

 Lea Zinke's enamel rings
as modeled by Denise Peck.
Lea's lampwork was truly stunning, too.
(Denise is the editor in chief of 
Step by Step Wire Jewelry!)

Geri Warhaftig lampwork beads 
in the Bead Dreams showcases. LOVE!

AMAZING polymer from John Rose, 
a polymer bead winner in Bead Dreams. 
Black and neolithic, no wonder I like it!

A class in copper electroplating revealed alchemy magic as nature became immortalized in metal.

Suzanne Golden's HUGE spiral bangle.
Ginormous talent in a little lady!

 As a CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Elements Ambassador, I like to feature my sparkles in modern designs, such as my latest Dragon Cuff. Thanks to everyone who admired it at the show!

At the Vintaj booth, Jess and Betsy invited me and Denise Peck to play with a rolling mill style press to imprint metal blanks. 
Check out this little video of her demo. 
A must have, I must say!

I had time to soak my barking puppies in the hotel hot tub before heading back to the airport. AHHHHHH. And now--I can't wait until the Bead and Button Show 2012!

PS: Special thanks to John Bead who brought me to the show!
If you're a wholesale designer or store owner--go register at their site at


  1. Wow. Awesome pics, and I love the hot tub idea! :) Glad you had a great time!

  2. Thanks for the virtual tour! Your dragon cuff is very cool.

    I finally got some WildFire and it has made all the difference in my beading. I'm having a great time making peyote stitch rings. So fun! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!