Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sign up to make this stellar cuff
at the Bead & Button Show!

Working on the Beadalon loom is so much fun, it really takes me back to my beady beginnings. I started using seed beads on a loom almost exactly like the one that every student will get in my class at the Bead and Button Show in June. I know, I know–what about those pesky warp thread ends, right? That "chore" has kept you from using the loom, right? Not any more!! In my class you will learn to whisk those ends outta sight plus many other practical and easy loom weaving tricks:

Use strong and non-stretch WidFire
to string the main long threads (warp)
and for weaving (weft).
We learn how to read and design a chart.
See how to make your piece as long as you wish!
Discover how many things you can
weave on a loom--earrings, for example!
The colors of the Hollywood Cuff
are shimmering Miyuki size 11 Delica beads

Next to the zen of weaving with Miyuki Delica beads and the satisfaction in the way those beads fit together, the best part of this project is the way we finish. We simple cut the cuff from the loom, fold under the threads, and adhere into a bezel cuff from EK Success. The look is superbly crafted and stylish.

So sign up! You keep the loom as part of the class kit, and I will have plenty of other patterns and blank cuffs for sale so you can make more– because I guarantee your friends will all want to be a film star too!


  1. Oh Leslie, what a fun bracelet! I really wish I was going, cause I would definitely love to meet you!

  2. I, too, got started beading with a loom but those zillion ends put me off it pretty quickly. I wish I could go to Milwaukee and take your class. It would be fun to learn how to do this. I love that brass(?) cuff that you added beads to. Where do you get them? Thanks!

  3. I hope to be selling those cuffs soon, stay tuned!