Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buy Handmade at Local Craft Shows!

Whether it's a local temple's Hanukkah bazaar, a school fair or a church's Christmas Art Raffle, find the best gifts and decorations for the holidays at local craft shows, from local artisans. We empower the artists of our community by supporting their craft, and at the same time we find extraordinary and one of a kind things to present to family, friends, co-workers, teachers, everyone to whom you wish to give something to say, "you are special to me."

I'll be in such a show myself on November 21 and 22nd, at the first Holiday show of the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen, St. George's Church in Haverford, PA, corner of Ardmore and Darby Roads. I  only joined this group last Spring and found myself among the warmth and camaraderie of dedicated artists working in all different mediums. Our common bond– a generosity of experience, sharing tips in craft, marketing, running a business, setting up displays, exhibition opportunities, using new technology, and more.

The Haverford Guild is a local branch of our state guild of craftsmen, the Pennsylvania Guild.   Our members will put on a fine show, diverse and affordable! From copper flowers to silken scarves, joyfully colored ceramics to glistening, modern glass... and of course, like myself, plenty of jewelry artists selling styles for everyone.

If you live near me, come on out for our show. But wherever you live, check out the local craft shows for the really special gifts.  And just go to the mall to see Santa!

Happy, healthy Winter Wonderland to all!

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